6 Care spring not to be missed for a luminous skin and glowing.


With the arrival of spring, nature awakens and the days are getting longer. The changing your daily beauty routine and temperatures as. Il faut donc réadapter vos crèmes et soins du visage.


here are a few tips :

Clean, démaquiller et gommer : Balm Gum Grows So it is a detox cleanser and purifier. It eliminates impurities and makeup for a luminous complexion.

Exfolier, it is necessary to get rid of impurities and dead skin. The scrub oils counter for face and body is made of baobab oil, nettoyante et de coques de coco, légèrement exfoliante lissera et adoucira votre peau en douceur.

dynamize with toned flowers and grapes Mirebotica. It will bring you hydration, fresh and floral scents.

For awaken the complexion, Oil serum S Restoring:KON lisse, revitalizes and evens the skin's surface for as radiant skin soft fishing, protected and hydrated !

In addition or no oil Restoring, two purifying care choices: Melia is the Pink Queenie Organics , or cream Zenon Kition. Nos deux crèmes Chouchou parfaites pour la saison : they will treat blackheads, balance sebum production and help your skin fight against skin damage and hyperpigmentation.

A fresh new routine, light floral scents that will take care of your skin naturally.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones !

Use the daily cleanser / makeup remover face and neck. It exfoliates gently (light exfoliation), somewhat in the manner of a sponge konjac, but without using water of course.

La Crème Mains Nourrissante a la particularité d’avoir été formulée avec une concentration important en huile de Baobab. Moreover, elle est certifiée biologique et offre une application facile et rapide grâce à sa texture onctueuse et généreuse.

Moisturizing and soothing tonic based on floral waters and grape. With grape water, lavender, hamamelis, rose and orange blossom. Ideal for complete cleansing and leave skin fresh and hydrated.
High tolerance All skin types Alcohol

The argan oil is, in all respects, an essential oil because it is a miracle for all skin, the hair, nails and beard. This is the multi-oil perfect for your daily routine skin care and hair

Queenie used a biological safflower oil base, high linoleic acid content, excellent for breaking blackheads, unclog pores and balance the sebum

This face cream 100% natural and deeply moisturizing was created thinking of the pores. What do we mean? All ingredients are chosen specifically not to clog our pores so your skin can breathe and regenerate much faster and faster.