AMARA DULCIS offers cosmetics and accessories for excellence, organic and natural.

We are an innovative marketplace that makes the discovery in the forefront.


Trademark near you, representing environmental responsibility and eco-sustainability. We have defined a specific geographic area of ​​the origin of our brands to reduce our environmental footprint : France and neighboring countries or close.

Crafts, of handmade, in small quantities and common sense productions. Unique Care easy to use and affordable, studied and formulated with ingredients exceptions, grown with respect for the earth.

Ingredient subject to the magnifying glass. no compromise.

Quality Guarantee

80 at 100 % natural ingredients must come from production controlled biological and / or controlled wild collection.

80 at 100 % the overall product composition must be from ingredients from organic farming.

Each brand and products are checked and tested by us.

Freshness Guarantee

All your products are part of a short circle : maker -> you

Each brand of Amara Dulcis has its own shop.

Discover their world and Make way for the well-being, spirituality and balance during your visit. Let your thoughts and their feelings of this discovery !