The site is the property of Amara Dulcis, Freelance, registered with the RCS Versailles under A 835 099 367 et dont le siège social est situé à 8 place Savorgnan De Brazza 78300 Poissy.

Le Site met en relation des vendeurs avec des utilisateurs du site préalablement inscrits sur le Site ou, if necessary, les « Acheteurs ».

Any user who opens an account in order to become a Member acknowledges having read these Terms, declares to know and thus adheres entire way, irrevocable, final and without reservation all the provisions contained in these Terms.

1.1 "User" means any person using the Site.
1.2 "Member" means any user who opens an account on the Site.
1.3 "Buyer" means a Member which marked its acceptance of the offer of a Seller.
1.4 "Content(s) "Means any content provided by a Member, et notamment (not limited) any Product, given, text, comment, Evaluation, last name, pseudonym, element graphic or sound, video and other materials provided by the Member on the Site including when registering, in an e-mail, an announcement, on a forum of the Site or on the shop of a Seller.
1.5 "Product" means a product offered for sale on the Site by Seller. It is understood that any Product shall comply with these Terms.
1.6 "Site" means the site
1.7 "Seller" means a Member who has a shop offering products for sale on the site

2.1 The role of AMARA DULCIS is limited to intermediation between Buyers and Sellers, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms. AMARA DULCIS intervenes in no way in transactions between Buyers and Sellers, who alone decide, and at their own discretion, the conclusion of sales contracts through the website.

2.2 AMARA DULCIS n’est ni revendeur ni propriétaire des Produits offerts à la vente sur le Site. AMARA DULCIS do not own the products on sale.

In addition, except for the limited role described in these Terms, AMARA DULCIS not involved in any way in the production line, marketing and / or distribution of Products (including compliance testing, legal registration, the conditioning, labeling or other activity). AMARA DULCIS therefore has no control over the products and can in particular ensure that the Seller will satisfy the Buyer Product.

2.3 AMARA DULCIS, Firstly, and Member, on the other hand, are independent parties, each acting on its behalf and for its own account.

2.4 Unless otherwise provided by mandatory, each Member emerges AMARA DULCIS (and any of its affiliates, their officers, leaders, agents and employees) from any liability for claims, dispute and / or litigation between Members, and / or any present or future damage, presumed or not, found or not, resulting directly or indirectly from the complaint, the dispute and / or the dispute with the exception of those concerning the delivery of Products.

2.5 AMARA DULCIS ne peut pas contrôler toutes les informations fournies par les Membres et rendues publiques sur le Site. It may be that the information of other Members are offensive, damaging, inaccurate or misleading. L’identité et la qualité d’un Membre peuvent être différentes de celles présentées sur le Site AMARA DULCIS recommande donc à chaque Utilisateur de faire preuve de prudence et de bon sens lors de l’utilisation du Site.

3.1 Each Seller agrees to comply with these Terms and the TOS Sellers, in their versions in force at the date of sale of the Product, which he joined in the creation of his account later.

3.2 Each Seller agrees to publish its own Conditions of Sale (CGV) Seller on his profile, in the appropriate tab for this purpose and accessible to Members. It is understood that these Terms shall comply with applicable laws and that the Seller explicitly state all terms of sale relating to the transaction between Seller and Buyer on the Site, including the right of withdrawal of the Buyer, if benefits and the conditions under which this right may be exercised. A lack of precision, relations will, in accordance with the law, governed by the provisions of the Consumer Code and the Civil Code.

3.3 We remind that each seller is solely responsible for any product it sells on the Site, as well as observing all laws and regulations applicable to manufacturing, marketing and sale of these products, including specific regulations for regulated products, such as cosmetics, certain textiles and electrical appliances. The Seller will be solely responsible, vis-à-vis a Buyer and AMARA DULCIS, all consequences of the offer and sale of its products. The Seller is especially engaged in the TOS Sellers guarantee AMARA DULCIS for complaints, action or claim by a third party against of AMARA DULCIS in connection with his / her product(s).

3.4 It is recalled that the Seller undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of information of the Buyer and not to disclose. Seller also agrees to use the coordinates and other data provided by the Buyer that for the strict requirements for the execution of the order concerned and legal obligations related to it, and in accordance with these Terms. Especially, Seller agrees not to offer the Purchaser of products available outside of the Site and not to use the personal data of Buyer for purposes other than the execution of the order placed on the website.

4.1 To access the functionality of the Site, the Member must first register and open an account. Registration is permitted only to natural or legal persons over 16 years with the capacity to perform legal acts, subject, for minors, having obtained prior authorization from their legal representative. The inclusion of a corporation shall be undertaken by a person authorized to represent, to be designated by their names, names and quality.

4.2 Each Member undertakes to provide accurate, complete and updated, et notamment une adresse électronique valide et l’ensemble des informations complémentaires obligatoires qui seront demandées pour devenir Acheteur. Each member also agrees, if necessary, to update their account and change without delay information concerning. Each Member shall be solely responsible for the consequences of providing false information, invalid or misleading.

4.3 As part of the registration, the Member shall ensure not to infringe the rights of others, including copyright and the trademark, Company names, Signs of a third party or another Member, and do not use a name that may cause confusion with a third previously existing, Member or not. In case of dispute relating to this article between members or between a Member and a third to its knowledge, AMARA DULCIS reserves the right to change the content of a Member or delete the account of a Member or Members who clearly appears faulty on the information available to AMARA DULCIS.

4.4 The Member's account is strictly personal and confidential. It is neither transferable nor used by another person. The account login using the member data is presumed access and use of the Site by that Member. In case of third party access to its proven account, le Membre s’engage à en informer AMARA DULCIS sans délai via le Contact form.

4.5 Each Member is solely responsible for its contents and prohibits any Content and generally any act or jeopardizes, in particular :

1. Obscene, pornographic and / or pedophile ;
2. defamatory, abusive, denigrating and / or malicious ;
3. discriminatory and / or inciting violence or racial hatred, religious or ethnic ;
4. infringing copyright, patent, Mark, Designs, trade secret, right of disclosure and / or third parties' privacy, whether or not Member ;
5. likely to be called diversion, scam, breach of trust or fall foul of any other offense ;
6. to obtain or attempt to obtain the transfer of money without consideration for the delivery of a product complies with these Terms or the Seller Terms of value in relation to the sums claimed ;
7. likely to damage any computer system or intercept smuggled any data or personal information ;
8. engaging or likely to engage the responsibility of AMARA DULCIS or as a consequence the loss of the benefit of all or part of the service providers of AMARA DULCIS and in particular IT service providers and payment ;
9. likely to harm the image and / or reputation of the website AMARA DULCIS and / or constitute acts of unfair competition ;
10. misleading, potentially unfair, detrimental, anti-commercial or detrimental to the Site AMARA DULCIS, a Member and / or a third party ;
11. which violates or may violate any applicable laws or regulations and / or any contractual clause binding the Member to AMARA DULCIS and generally that is illegal or immoral.
4.6. The Member will not be included in the Content, except "The weather cosmetics", all or part of a URL link, IP address or different domain name pointing to an external site website.

4.7. By providing any Content through the Site, the Member grants AMARA DULCIS a non-exclusive, non-transferable, free, for the entire world, and for the duration of the registration member, operate in any form of communication possible, on the Site and on any media or press, by all means, all or part of Contents, an unlimited number of copies, for advertising purposes, promotion, marketing, Communication, PR, training or internal storage, and the establishment of partnerships or sponsorships with partners of AMARA DULCIS. The Member authorizes any use of the Content made before its deregistration, closing or deleting their account.

4.8. Each Member guarantees AMARA DULCIS and agrees to indemnify on first demand if third party action against AMARA DULCIS this action because, Originally a foundation or Content provided by the Member concerned on the Site.

4.9. AMARA DULCIS reserves the right, without compensation, ni notification, or notice, modify or remove any Content that violates these Terms, and suspend, close or delete the Member's account in this case.

4.10 A Member who finds an illegal practice or prohibited on the Site shall immediately inform AMARA DULCIS via the contact page of the website.

4.11 If AMARA DULCIS aware of any act or jeopardizes a Member outside the site to divert or attempt to divert all or part of buyers or incite or all of the buyers not to buy or not on Site, or any potentially unfair jeopardizes, detrimental, anti-business, derogatory, defamatory, abusive or detrimental to the Site AMARA DULCIS will warn the Member concerned, temporarily suspend or permanently registration and account of the Member concerned, terminate, close his account and / or cease providing its services and said Member, if necessary to terminate the Contract Seller the exclusive fault of the Seller. These penalties will apply automatically and without notice.

4.12 Any Member has the obligation to act in good faith and with respect in its relations with other Member.

5.1 Buyer agrees to comply with all laws and regulations related to the acquisition of assets of any kind.

5.2 After choosing his or her product(s), Buyer must verify the details of the order, his price, correct any errors before confirming the order to express its acceptance and inform if necessary, depending on the mode of payment chosen, information allowing the payment of the Product.

5.3 Once the Buyer has placed a order for Products on the Site, Buyer agrees that his full name, and its delivery address be provided to the Seller for the order needs.

5.4 Orders placed at several Sellers by the Buyer are independent of each other. If one or more commands are or are not confirmed(s) speak(s) Seller(s) concerned(s) (if this option is open to the Seller), other orders of the Purchaser are not challenged and bind the Buyer. Therefore, the fact that one or more products ordered(s) one or more Sellers on the Site itself(in)Does not available(s) is not a renunciation of reason to all the products ordered, Buyer being held by the command or other product(s) available(s) and payment of delivery costs.

5.5 Failing receipt of the ordered products, Buyer shall file a claim with the Seller.

5.6 Buyer may give its opinion on a product purchased. The Purchaser shall be measured and respectful therein.

6.1 To buy on the Site, must be previously registered as a Member, or register as a member at the time of purchase.

6.2 Payment by credit card is the only means of payment offered by the Site.

6.3 Buyer may add to its basket of products from several online stores and adjust its entire basket in one go. After the payment, control of products will be managed in accordance with the provisions of this Article 6 and more generally of these Terms.

6.4 The sale is concluded between the Buyer and Seller upon completion by the Purchaser of its order on the Site

6.5 As soon as the Buyer has finalized its order on the Site, him an order confirmation will be sent by email.

6.6 Le vendeur est en charge d’assurer l’expédition et la livraison de la commande à l’Acheteur, according to the shipping and delivery times announced to the Buyer at the time of the order and the applicable legal provisions.

6.7 Le suivi de la commande peut être effectué à tout moment par l’Acheteur via un lien de suivi de commande fourni par le Transporteur et transmis par courriel par le vendeur à l’Acheteur.

6.8 Claims, withdrawal right exercises and claims made by the Buyer shall be sent to the Seller via his account on

6.9 AMARA DULCIS has set up a credit card secured payment system allowing the Buyer to directly adjust the amount of the order by credit card at the time of finalization. Amara Dulcis STRIPE designated the company as Payment Service Provider to.

6.10 Guarantee : The only warranties Product data are those provided by the Seller. AMARA DULCIS n’est en aucun cas responsable de la vente et ne saurait fournir une quelconque garantie à ce titre.

Si un ou plusieurs produits de votre commande ne vous conviennent pas, vous devez le(s) return without explanation but under conditions and by informing us in advance. You must get in touch with the seller of the store concerned by the(s) product(s).

after agreement, will be carried, your selection, exchange or refund of the product.

You have 14 days from the date of receipt of your order to make a return request of one or more of the products ordered.

The product must be in good condition, Not used (1) and in its original packaging.

The cost of return and exchange are your responsibility unless the products delivered or turn out not in accordance with the initial order in which case the cost of return and exchange will be at our expense.

Regarding the training workshop or orders, vous ne disposerez pas d’un droit de rétractation pour les formations pleinement exécutés avant la fin du délai de rétractation de quatorze (14) days and whose implementation began after our express prior and express renunciation to your right of withdrawal.

(1) Products excluded from the right of withdrawal :

The legal right of withdrawal may be exercised for :

– Products which were unsealed after delivery or used and which can not be returned for hygiene or health protection reasons.

– Products made according to customer specifications or customized per customer request.

It is understood that the Buyer receives a summary of the order by e-mail at the time of confirmation of it.

The buyer who wishes billing for purchases must contact their account via the(s) Seller(s) concerned(s) the command to request an invoice to be sent by the(s) Seller(s) accordance with the Terms of / the Seller(s).

9.1 the Site, its content, catalogues, texts, illustrations, Photographs and pictures, and other visual and sound elements, including the underlying technology used, are the exclusive property of AMARA DULCIS and / or third parties contractually bound to AMARA DULCIS, holders of intellectual property rights relating to the Site. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the content provided by each Member shall be and remain the property of the Member concerned, subject to the license granted by the Member to AMARA DULCIS and Users.

9.2 It is prohibited to reproduce, represent and / or exploit in any other manner whatsoever all or part of the Site, its contents, catalogues, texts, illustrations, photographs and images and all other visual elements and sound, including the underlying technology used, without prior approval of AMARA DULCIS. As an exception to the above, the website user is allowed to reproduce (including downloading or printing all or part of the Site) and represent all or part of the Site, for strictly personal and private purposes and not for commercial purposes or profit.

9.3 Anyone who publishes a website and wants to create a direct hypertext link to the Site must request permission from AMARA DULCIS in writing using the form on the contact page. The autorisation d 'AMARA DULCIS will be en aucun cas de manière accordée définitive. This link will be deleted at the request of AMARA DULCIS.

9.4 Hypertext links to the Site using techniques such as framing (framing) or insertion by hyperlinks (in-line linking) are strictly prohibited.

10.1 Each Member undertakes to respect the laws, regulations and standards of all kinds in force on the use of the services offered through the Site.

10.2 In the case of fraud wherein (fraudulent copy, concealment, illegal imports, etc.) or on request, AMARA DULCIS communiquera toutes les informations nécessaires, including personal, the competent services responsible for the suppression of the said violations and fraud.

11.1 Without excluding other remedies, AMARA DULCIS se réserve le droit de donner un avertissement, to temporarily or permanently suspend the registration and the account of a Member, to end it, to close its account, to stop providing its services audit Member and / or terminate these Terms of right, with immediate effect, for violation of all or part of these Terms or the documents incorporated by reference therein.


12.1 If a Member wishes to delete his account, il doit adresser sa demande par e-mail au service technique à l’adresse : [email protected].

13.1 AMARA DULCIS is held to an obligation of means.

13.2 AMARA DULCIS be liable for direct damage attributable solely to contractual misconduct by AMARA DULCIS. Except at fault, AMARA DULCIS not be held liable for damage sustained by a User for the use of all or part of the Site or the inability to use all or part of the Site. AMARA DULCIS may be more liable for any malfunction, breakdown, delay or interruption of network access Internet.

13.3 As the host of the Content posted by Members, AMARA DULCIS not be held liable under the content published on the Site by Members.

13.4 Chaque Membre est invité à avertir AMARA DULCIS en cas de violation des présentes CGU notamment dans l’hypothèse où il constaterait l’offre de vente de Produits Interdits, to the following address : [email protected] .

13.5 AMARA DULCIS ne saurait être tenue responsable au titre des litiges intervenant entre Membres.


Les parties reconnaissent que la production par AMARA DULCIS des enregistrements sur les serveurs de AMARA DULCIS relatifs à l’utilisation du Site, including nominative access codes Members and connection logs, feront foi entre les Utilisateurs et AMARA DULCIS et entre Utilisateurs.


15.1 AMARA DULCIS reserves at any time and in its sole discretion the right to suspend or terminate access to the Site and / or operation of the Site, all or part, especially for maintenance interventions, operational needs, internal choice or emergency. AMARA DULCIS also reserves the right at any time and in its sole discretion to remove or edit any content, including for technical reasons, commercial or practices. It is understood that such interventions may not in any case engage the responsibility of AMARA DULCIS, or give rise to compensation or damages in favor of a Member or Site User.

15.2 Unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms, toute notification envoyée à AMARA DULCIS doit être adressée par e-mail à [email protected].

15.3 Toute notification adressée à AMARA DULCIS mais destinée à un Membre sera envoyée en principe par courriel à l’adresse que ce Membre a communiquée à AMARA DULCIS lors de son inscription. Notices shall be deemed to have reached a Member 24 hours after sending an email, unless the sender is notified of the invalidity of the email address.

15.4 Notifications can also be sent to Member, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to the mailing address provided at registration. The deadline for 24 above mentioned hours is then brought to 3 days after sending mail.

15.5 In the event that one or more provisions contained in these Terms would be considered illegal, unenforceable or unenforceable by a court, the remaining provisions of these Terms remain in force, provided that the general economy of these Terms do not be upset.

15.6 The tolerance of AMARA DULCIS a breach of these Terms by a Member or a third party does not will alter its rights and actions against any other breach similar and / or later.


16.1 AMARA DULCIS may need to process personal data of members in the course of its business. Les données personnelles des Membres ne sont communiquées qu’aux autres Membres et aux partenaires d’ AMARA DULCIS chargés de l’exécution, treatment, management and payment orders and strictly necessary to enable them to meet orders.

16.2 Any Member has the right to access, change, rectify and delete data concerning him in accordance with Article 34 of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms amended by the European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 avril 2016 on the protection of personal data called RGPD.

By using the site, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described in our Privacy charter. Visit our charter Data protection.

This right may be exercised, proof of your identity, by sending a request via the Contact form of the site.


17.1 These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with French law.

17.2 The French courts have jurisdiction to rule on any disputes which may arise between the parties relating to the execution of these Terms. EXCEPT FOR THE FOREGOING, ANY DISPUTE WITH A MEMBER IS ACTING AS PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE OF EXCLUSIVE COURT OF COMMERCE CITY LILLE.

17.3 Disputes between Members involved must be settled between Members and AMARA DULCIS is not required to intervene or settle such dispute.